It’s About Mixing What? Minds?

It’s About Mixing What? Minds?


Welcome to The CerebralMix! This is the site for the Creative Commons music podcast. From 2010-2016 the show went through numerous formats from a standard podcast, to a weekly streaming show on the No Agenda Network. In 2016 the show went on hiatus, with plans of being restarted when the time was right. Alas, due to personal reasons, the show has remained on hiatus for the last 6 years.

Who Runs This Site?

Hello, let me introduce myself: I am Unattributed, aka George. I am the founder, editor and lead writer of The CerebralMix.

I have been a proponent of the Creative Commons and Public Domain as a space for arts, literature and music for over a decade.

My background includes studying music in college, and occasionally producing weird and off beat noise works that some might consider music.

A Word About The Focus of The CerebralMix

Currently this site exists to serve as an archive for all of the shows that I have produced in the past. I have been working on pulling together as many of the shows, show notes and original materials as possible. Where some of those materials are missing new show notes are being written for them.

A note about the contents of the shows: in some cases the recordings used in the shows may either (a) not be available anymore, or (b) not be available under a Creative Commons license any longer. These materials are left in the shows to provide a complete, and accurate representation of the show as it was originally produced.

A Bit of Looking Forward

There is a plan to do something more with this site. What form that “something more” will take is still unknown. There is a school of thought running through my mind that tells me to do something completely different from the original show. If there is going to be a different version of The CerebralMix, it will not be called the same thing. It will be The CerebralMix, but the name will indicate the new direction of the show.

Something else, it will likely not be a weekly show as it has been in the past. The ideas that are under consideration at this point will likely take a lot more work in terms of production to become a complete show. While I don’t have a solid estimate on how long they will take to produce, the upshot is that it will not be viable to produce on a weekly basis.


So that should have covered about everything to know about this site: the history of the show, the effort to create an archive, and the possibility of a new show arising from the extended hiatus of the original show. If you have an questions or concerns about the archive, or if you would like to share some insight into a new show, please use the contact form to reach me.