Archive Under Re-construction

Silhouette of Crane Near High Rise Buildings during Sunset
Silhouette of Crane Near High Rise Buildings during Sunset – Photo by Jiyoung Kim

So, this is the new CerebralMix website. It is currently undergoing a bit of re-construction.

If you had encountered this site in the past year or two, you might have noticed it as being a tumblr blog with a bunch of entries for some of the older shows from the original CerebralMix series. Now those entries appear to be gone, and you would be right, they aren’t here.

This is due to a mistake I made in setting up the new site. I made a backup of the previous site thinking that I could import it into the new site without any issues. However, it turns out that this system wanted to import the posts from the old site when it was live. And it doesn’t appear there is any way to convert the backup into a format that can be imported here.

So, that means I will be going through all of the old posts and manually adding them to this site. That’s a project that is going to take some time. And to complicate things a bit, I have several other websites that need attention.

The upshot of all of this: keep watching this space. Over time more and more episodes of the old show will be added. And eventually, I will be able to consider a new possible show to replace the original.