CerebralMix 05-05-2013: Mostly Electronic

CerebralMix Podcast: 05-05-2013


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00:00:00 Elvis Herod: Clutterbuck (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:01:40 SndChaser: CerebralMix Intro (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:02:30 Gardens From Light: Kikimora (CC BY-NC-ND)
00:05:12 PeerGynt Lobogris: Sensual Touch (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:10:49 PeerGynt Lobogris: Sensual Touch (Guitar Version) (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:14:42 Abyssal Plains: Colour Faded (CC BY)
00:18:23 K.M. Krebs: Autumn Stars, Slightly Brighter (CC BY)
00:25:12 Drunksouls: Give Me A Sign (CC BY-NC-ND)
00:29:16 SndChaser: CerebralMix ID (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:29:33 Kris Roche: Be Love (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:33:37 Verian Thomas: The smell of your pillow after you have gone (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:37:09 Daniel Estrem: Prelude – Holberg Suite Op40 (Edvard Grieg) (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:39:31 David Modica: Acoustic Earth Electric Sky (CC BY-NC-SA)
00:49:58 Aleksi Eeben: Avaruusmiehen lyhyt matka (Spaceman’s Little Expedition) (CC BY-NC-ND)
00:53:20 Northbound: Forward (CC BY-NC-ND)
00:58:39 Daniel Estrem: Arietta – Lyric Pieces Op12 No1 (Edvard Grieg) (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:00:20 SndChaser: CerebralMix ID (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:00:35 Acidrain: The Human Mind (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:07:04 Joe Frawley (Rachel Rambach): Looking Glass (CC BY-NC-ND)
01:10:00 Wurlitztraction: An Introduction to Dream Dexterity (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:16:27 Triplexity: Afro Red (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:24:42 Daniel Estrem: Homeward – Lyric Pieces Op62 No6 (Edvard Grieg) (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:27:48 Aaron Jasinski: For Kristin (CC BY-NC-ND)
01:34:53 Daniel Estrem: Halling – Lyric Pieces Op47 No4 (Edvard Grieg) (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:36:19 SndChaser: CerebralMix ID (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:36:37 Acrilic Colors: The Garden (CC BY-NC-ND)
01:40:21 Verian Thomas: Massive Pt. 3 (Running To The Light Circle) (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:45:06 Zero V: A New Awakening (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:52:57 Transient: Zone (CC BY-NC-SA)
01:59:09 SndChaser: CerebralMix Outro (CC BY-NC-SA)

Note: Since the original publication of this show some of the links / references in the above notes may no longer work. Additionally, some of the refernce websites may have been changed to no longer reflect the Creative Commons license of these works. The licenses and links were accurate as of the original air date of this show. No warranty or guarantee is implied as to the accuracy of this information at this time.