CerebralMix 2010 Episode Five: Virtual World Fusion

CerebralMix 2010 Episode Five: Virtual World Fusion

Virtual World Fusion

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The fusion of Asian and Middle-Eastern flavors and styles into western music is not new. It can be traced back to the classical music of Mozart, and definitely the operas of Pucini.

In the 1950’s, however the fascination with international sounds found a whole new home in lounge music. Most of this music was cheesy sounding and frequently mis-interpreted or mis-used international sounds. In the 1960’s the fusion of Jazz with with Indian tabla and sitar informed the music of groups like Oregon and The Paul Winter Consort.

All of this leads up to today where artists often take main-stream styles and fuse them with international sounds and styles from around the world. This week we take a journey through the fusion of international sounds and styles of yesterday, to today’s mainstream: A Virtual World Fusion, on this weeks Cerebral Mix.

Track credits for this episode:

Br. Cleve and His Lush Orch: Shaken, Not Stirred (from Two Zombies Later, Vol 1)
Emil Klotsch: sctl13 (From Tiefe Berge)
Izmar: Funky Sitar (From Secular EP)
Misterciapica DJ: Temptation (from Trip #4)
Petr Venkrbec: Tek5 (from Alone)
Eternal Jazz Project: Aspo (from Seasons)
Spheriot: Mindless (from Livingroom Orbits)
Petr Venkrbec: Raw8ths (from Alone)
Bumpenstein: Fuad Motel (from Two Zombies Later, Vol 2)
Misterciapica DJ: Grace Marenco (from Trip #1)
Beak: I Saw Two of Me (from Amoral Mayor Earwig)
Tapeworm Collective: Jezz Groo (from Tapeworm Compilation 1)
Transient: The Path With Heart (from Flying Saucer EP)
Eternal Jazz Project: Loemma (from Seasons)