CerebralMix 2010 Episode Sixteen: In The Beginning, Pt 3

In The Beginning, Part 3

CerebralMix Episode Sixteen

CerebralMix Episode 16: In The Beginning, Pt 3
September 12th, 2010

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This week we take a final journey into the Early Works of Andrew Cauthen.

Andrew is many things: a freegan, musician, philosopher, an extreme individual. A look through his blog contains articles about water cars, David Icke interview videos about humanity, James Fox on the BP Oil Spill, and how Food is the equivalent of crack.

Either because of or in spite of these opinions, Andrew’s musical works become more interesting. It becomes clear with just looking through a few of the releases he has made that he doesn’t follow conventions.

So, let’s take that last step into the unconventional soundscapes of Andrew Cauthen on The CerebralMix.

September 23rd, 2018 2:01pm CerebralMix2010 Commons