CerebralMix 2010 Episode Ten: Guitar World I

Guitar World I

CerebralMix Episode Ten

CerebralMix Episode 10: Guitar World I

August 1st, 2010

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The guitar is possibly one of the most unique instruments in music. It’s roots can be traced back approximately 3,300 years. Throughout history, there have been many names for instruments of similar construction (if not always similar in timbre and tone): oud, lute, cithara, and vihuela just to name a few.

The emergence of what could be seen as the modern acoustic (or classical) guitar occurred in about the 12th century in Europe. However, after the Baroque period, the guitar seems to have fallen out of favor until it re-emerged in the 1800’s.

The electric guitar dates from the 1930’s. It’s first application was in the country swing bands of the period, allowing it to produce sound of equal volume to the rest of the band. Adoption of the electric guitar in jazz and rock assured that it was an instrument with a long road ahead of it.

This week, the first of a series of occasional shows, we present both acoustic and electric guitars in settings as diverse as progressive rock, ambient, jazz, death metal, blues, and more. So be prepared for just about anything in the world of the guitar, this week, on the CerebralMix.