CerebralMix 2010 Episode Twelve: In The Beginning Pt 1

In The Beginning, Part 1

CerebralMix Episode Twelve

CerebralMix Episode 12: In The Beginning Pt 1

August 15th, 2010

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Andrew Cauthen has been making a lot of music for well over a decade. A single man with a keyboard, a computer and the drive to translate the world around him into sound.

His interpretations take on many forms: techno to ambient, and numerous styles in-between, and a few styles that may be his own invention.

In this the first of three episodes of the CerebralMix, we spend and hour examining some of the early works of Andrew Cauthen as compiled on his “Early Ones” releases.

Closing Notes

With ten hours of music in just the compilation of his early works, Andrew Cauthen distinguishes himself. Not because his work is groundbreaking or different: in fact he uses forms that are recognizable and popular, and yet he also reserves space to investigate forms that are different and unique to his perspective.

And, that’s where the value of his work presents itself. Andrew is an interpreter of the world around him, and it’s his unique perception of the world that comes out in his audio interpretations.

The ideas and thoughts he investigates are put on level ground. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a small idea (“19th Street Coffee”) or some unique and revealing perspective (“Time Is A Slippery Slope”). All ideas are explored deflty from his perspective.

And, this brings us to the end of the exploration of Andrew Cauthen’s works for this week. I hope you will join me again for another exploration of the sounds between thoughts on The CerebralMix.